Magnum's  "Bonnie"

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Magnum Blue Lacy Dogs

Jim and Melony Roche are experienced veterans in the guiding and outdoor industry. They are the owners and operators of Magnum Guide Service, LLC based in Eldorado, TX. Feel free to contact us for more information on our Magnum Blue Lacy Dogs and blue lacy puppies.  

They have used blue tick hounds and Labrador retrievers as wounded deer recovery dogs in the past and opted to change breeds in an effort to find a dog that had a combination of traits they like. They bought their first Blue Lacy in February, 2007 and have never looked back!

Magnum's Chief 

1 male 


as of 



Magnum's BB



Magnum's Sako


Nowlin's "Blue"

Magnum's Bonnie x Nowlin's Blue​

​Pups born 2/15/24 - 1 male available!

​Email: for more info.